Frequently Asked Questions

Litsted below, we have the most common questions our tenants have. If you can’t find yours, give us a call.

Where is my local office?
When is rent due?
Where do I bring in or mail my rent check, renewal or other paperwork?
Where do I find my User Name & Password so I can pay my rent online?
Are there fees associated with paying rent online?
Can I break my lease and move out before the lease end date?
How do I add someone to the lease or take someone off the lease?
How do file a noise complaint or any other complaint against another resident?
Can I paint my apartment?
I am going out of town for an extended period of time. What do I need to know? (what to set heat at, where to park, how to pay rent)
I just had a baby. Do I need to let you know?
I just got married. Do I need to change my name on the lease? Do I need to add my spouse to the lease?
My child just turned 18. Do I need to add them to the lease?
I just received a notice of non-payment (14-Day Notice to Quit). What should I do? Will I have to move out?
How do I place a maintenance request?
Can I have an extra set of keys?
I have a friend or relative who is visiting me for an extended period of time. Can I have an extra set of keys for them?
I lost my keys. What should I do?
Can I change my locks?
The office is closed and I have a maintenance emergency. What should I do?
My apartment was broken into. What should I do?
My mail/a package is missing. Do you have it?
I ordered something through the mail, but will not be home to receive it. Can I have it delivered to your office?
Can I rent out a room in my apartment using Airbnb or other related sites?

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