Please read all instructions carefully and thoroughly. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Applicant must complete and sign the attached application. All sections are to be completed. If a question does not apply, please specify "N/A" (not applicable).

    Applicant must provide his/her current address or place of residence. No Rural Routes or P.O. Boxes; street address is required.

    Applicant must provide name, address and telephone number with area code of current and previous Landlord(s). All information will be verified, including payment history, dates of tenancy, and the amount of monthly rent.

    Applicant may provide their Social Security Number. This is necessary in order for The Hamilton Company to examine and review Applicant's credit history. If applicant does not have a Social Security, Number, (s)he must produce one of the following:

         • A valid I-20 for International students in the US for the purpose of studying in the US.
         • A valid Work Visa for those authorized for residence in the US for work purposes.

    Applicant must provide name, address, and telephone number with area code of current employer. All information will be verified, including, occupation, date of hire, and weekly gross income.

    If applicant is self-employed, (s)he may provide one of the following:

         • A signed copy of the previous year's Income Tax return;
         • Three consecutive pay stubs; or
         • A copy of previous year's W-2 showing annual gross salary.

    If applicant is collecting alimony or child support payments(s) he may provide a copy of the order stating amount and terms of payments.

    If applicant is a student, (s)he must provide the name and address of school in which (s)he is currently enrolled, the program of study and the anticipated date of graduation. All information will be verified with the school enrollment office.

    Applicant must provide the address and the apartment number for which (s)he is applying. The size, total number of occupants, the monthly rent, and the anticipated date of Move-in and length of tenancy are required. The names of any other co-applicants must be provided. All information will be verified.

    Applicant must provide names of References and Emergency contacts. Please provide first and last name, street address, and telephone number with area code.

    Applicant must complete the RIDER section of the application by providing names of all occupants of the apartment, including children. Occupants over the age of 18 years MUST complete and submit a separate application. If the number of occupants changes during a tenancy, The Hamilton Company must be notified. No one other than those individuals named on the RIDER is allowed to occupy the apartment under any circumstances.

    The Hamilton Company utilizes the services of the Credit Bureau. Credit history will be reviewed prior to the acceptance of a tenancy, and payment history may be reported to this bureau.

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